Now Presenting: ADHD

ADHD learning created for ADHD brains

The next NPADHD learning program for ADHD individuals will be announced soon!

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The problem with current ADHD learning is that it’s not suited for how the ADHD brain works. Most use standard learning modalities, which involves long stretches of lectures and reading, and contains pre-work or homework that can be difficult for ADHD individuals to start and/or complete. The information also relies on the individual to attach those ADHD symptoms to their actual behaviors and tendencies.

"Now Presenting... ADHD" seeks to eliminate the factors that make learning difficult for ADHD individuals, and instead, use the factors that increase focus and engagement with the ADHD mind. The learning program is unique in that it starts with emotional connection to the scenario, then explores what factors surround each scenario, explains how ADHD affects our reactions in that situation, and provides a starting point of strategies to help self-manage our behaviors.

Because each participant is learning about themselves as individuals, the strategies they try are more likely to work, because it’s not a blanket strategy given to every ADHD individual as advice.

The program consists of cohorts of 7-15, in 10 weekly sessions, 90 minutes each. They will be conducted over Google Meets for a face to face-like engagement, with Mentimeter for continuous input and focus.

Each session builds on knowledge from the week before. Here are the topics for each session:

There will be no pre-work or homework for any of the sessions, which will be optimized for engagement and focus using fast-paced delivery, constant inputs and participation, and scheduled, synchronous learning in a safe space of peers.

The Now Presenting: ADHD Learning Program is available to corporations for employee cohorts, and as a basis for ADHD peer coaching training. Most recently, it was delivered to Expedia Group to train their first ever ADHD peer coaches.

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