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Why hire me as a speaker or panelist?

My informative talks are unique in that they typically center around creating more connection with others, especially through the lens of a neurodivergent individual's experience, rather than the perception of them. They are empowering, rather than restricting, and benefit the entire community to hear, not just neurodivergent individuals. 

I'm also able to speak about my experience as a combined-type ADHD Asian-American woman, diagnosed with ADHD in my mid-thirties after a lifetime of shame, failure, doubt, and fractured relationships, then transforming into a proud ADHD human who has been able to repair the relationships and live a hugely fulfilling life through having a growth mindset, self-compassion, and productive life-long strategies. As an individual with a background in culinary arts, I'm also able to speak about how ADHD individuals can have greater success in cooking for themselves.

What are my talks like?

Talks can be delivered virtually, or in person with an additional fee for travel. They can be customized for each speaking engagement based on individual needs, or you can select from one of talks below.

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How can you hire me as a speaker?

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