Below are what my clients have said about my coaching. As a peer-to-peer coach at Google, I had a 100% favorability rating, and a 4.94 out of 5 overall coaching rating.

Jaye has been wonderful in helping me work through my own roadblocks to be a more productive, happier, and more healthy employee

-Miles, Google employee

Jaye is excellent at helping to identify core issues and helps to reframe them to make them tractable, all in a way that makes me consider her approach on future issues moving forward.

-Google employee

I appreciate that Jaye creates a safe space to highlight and understand the motivations that drive my behaviors. This helps me have a more compassionate view of my own actions that I am disappointed in. It also helps me understand how the behaviors seem from the outside and how to better communicate my intentions or feelings. Jaye is very patient and kind, asking questions that dig deeper into the problems I am talking about to help me discover my true feelings that might be buried under my self-deprecation or dismissive attitude.

Jaye is such a great fit for coaching. She is understanding and compassionate, and she's not afraid to challenge you to dig deeper. It's obvious that Jaye really cares about my success, and is invested in helping me make long term improvements. It is easy to build a connection with her because she is so personable and friendly as well.

-Sachi, Software Developer, Google

I had never done coaching before, and I found it really useful to have someone help me talk through problems to find concrete and achievable steps I could take.

-Google employee

Jaye is amazing. She provides gentle guidance to help you and lets you come into the discovery on your own.

-Google employee

Jaye was very gently pushing and asking questions to help me dig deeper and understand why I was feeling bad about a situation while helping provide the perspective of ADHD to contextualize the answers I was giving.

-Google employee

Jaye balances compassion, listening but a healthy strategic intervention when needed.

-Google employee

Amazing. I wish there were 20 of my coach so that she could help more people.

-Google employee

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